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Post by Kent on Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:14 pm

I'm not sure what the plugin you are using right now is to protect your towns and stuff, but it is kind of annoying and hard to work with. I am directing this post to whichever admin deals with the plugins.
I am writing this post to you about a great plugin named World Guard. I don't know what the weird plugin u have now is,( the one the server has that keeps people from griefing certain places) but World Guard I assure you is much better. From experience, I have been on many servers with this plugin, though some what difficult to get running, it is a great attractant to players who play with it.
World Guard itself is very useful, it lets players claim their home and prevent griefers from destroying all protected areas. It is also used to protect towns and community centers, this of course requires an admin to enable in these public areas, but is well worth the effort.
Thank you for reading this suggestion and I hope the server soon has world guard running, as it is of great value to everyone on the server.

Thanks, -Kent


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