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Post by qazpl9 on Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:27 pm

albino Name : Tan Rong Hao

In-Game Name : 999

Country I live in : Singapore

Gmt : 8+

Like : helping peeps. Joke. Playing computer games especially minecraft and often too!

Dislike : disrepectful peeps.

cheers I Really want to be a mod. I have been playing the server with ucut since he was just a member so I am familiar with most of the people playing minecraft in this server. I love this server and i will be glad to contribute to this server. Although i am just a member now, I have been helping peeps whenever i could and Within my power. I can easily control my anger and will be calm and cool whenever facing troubles. I never once disrespect anyone in the games and will still be in that way when I become a mod. Very Happy Once I was killed in the server but i did not call that guy names and instead gladly surrender to that guy and praise his power. I will be able to help more peeps if I am a mod. Therefore please make me a mod :3.Laughing Please consider me and btw I am using teamspeak.

Your sincerly,

999(Rong Hao)


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