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Post by ausfury on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:41 pm

Name: Jesse.S

Age: 16

In Game Name: XxAusFuryxX

Country: Australia

Reason: Hi guys i have been waiting for spots for a moderator to open for ages and today DevilJin announced there are 2 spots available. Anyway i am a very regular player on this server and i know alot of people. I am known for me and my gang of friends who like to pvp but i would give it all up to help people instead. I know all the rules and i have also had experience of being and mod and admin on other servers for example : and . Most people like me and i like the server because of its friendly staff and other players. I think i would be a good moderator because i am online frequently and i have alot of patience to i dont get fustrated and annoyed at people very easily. As i said before i would very much like this position and i have waited for a long time for one to be open so i ask you please consider my application and thank you for your time.

Yours sincerly,



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