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Post by DevilJin on Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:02 pm

Hello to everyone reading this topic. Cool Very Happy

Since the PvP arena was gone because of some people abusing the arena,I thought of something that'll take place of the PvP arena.
Then,BAZINGA! Spleef went on my mind. So I suggested my mates (Heas,Ike,etc) to make a Spleef arena. I can explain how it works.
Whenever I'm online (DevilJin) or anyone who can Worldedit,the arena is Open. If none,it's closed. xD But we have an parkour course
made by me,Pielover and Heasleys4hemp in case it's closed. (Note: No prizes yet at the moment for parkour) Prizes are random and
given by a dispenser.

If you have questions about the upcoming Spleef Arena,pm me in-game/tell me in TeamSpeak I love you

Approx. Finishing Date is on 1st - 2nd week of May.

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