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Cheesy's in the house! Empty Cheesy's in the house!

Post by Cheesy on Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:54 am

So after an hour of trying to make an account and a new mail, I finnaly gave up and made a hotmail account. *Shame on meeee Embarassed *
So yeah, after making 2 mail accounts i were finnaly able to get it to work.

Also, if anyone sees "CheesyDude" it's just a failed account... (It's not it's my alter ego...)

So yeea..... OMFG i just notcied you can make an afro dude ,_, afro afro afro afro TROLOLOL

Im off to trolling people now!


(I would post a picture of a brain dead donkey here, but i cant untill next week Crying or Very sad)

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