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Post by caidmasterofpyro on Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:03 pm

first off, i didn't think we were gonna have apps for admin, but whatever.

I know i haven't been on the server in about a month, however I have been mod for quite some time and some would argue that i have been a good one. for the last month my internet has been limited to 8gb a month of a dongle... it takes 4 minutes to load a forum page so i can't play minecraft at the moment. anyway obviously this isnt proper format so i'll get on with it.

name: Caidan Fullwood
DOB: 8/5/95 so that would make me 16
ign: caidmasterofpyro
server rank: moderator... well that's what it was last time i checked
country: Australia
languages: English
I would like to become an admin so that when i finally get a hard-line and a stable internet connection i can log on and have something to be proud of, of course ben did promote me in the first place and he and his friends are gone, but just because ben was the one that promoted me doesn't mean i am not worthy of the rank, ben promoted me after 1month on the server becoming the richest player with over $2,000,000 and after having built a 14bit display with a 110 numeral decoder and addition calculator. through my youtube channel I have advertised for the server with that computer and have made suggestions on things that can be improved and possible ways to improve them. Ucut and Mobile you are now partners and with that you have to agree on things so agree on this, give me the added power of administration and just wait for me to make my return to icecuntygamingcraft. also if any changes are made to the server or have been made could you please inform me, i'd like to keep up to date as much as possible. Im bored out of my mind with no internet.


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